Nutrition & Diet Certification – The Digital ADDA

Nutrition & Diet FREE Online Certification – The Digital ADDA

To Become Certified Nutrition & Diet Expert, You Must Know

  • What foods are included as part of whole food, plant-based eating, and why.
  • What foods are excluded as part of whole food, plant-based eating, and why.
  • Why whole plant foods provide the most health, healing, and protection benefits.
  • How a holistic nutrition approach differs from a reductionist nutrition approach.
  • Nutrition characteristics of all the different whole plant food groups to know how to use them to benefit your health and weight.
  • How to make healthy plant-based eating quick, easy, and simple with access to dozens of WFPB recipes.
  • How to do grocery shopping for whole plant foods and the best ways to eat them.
  • How to eat whole food, plant-based outside of the home, when in restaurants or while traveling.
  • How to use your diet to improve your health, weight, energy, and longevity.
  • How to create a life-long foundation of healthy eating habits.

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