Business Analytics and Intelligence Course Training in Jalandhar

Business Analytics and Intelligence Course Training in Jalandhar
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Course Content: Business Analytics and Intelligence Training in Jalandhar

Module 1: Introduction to Business Analytics and Intelligence

  • Definition and Scope
  • Importance in Decision Making
  • Overview of Analytical Tools and Techniques

Module 2: Fundamentals of Statistics

  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
  • Probability Distributions
  • Statistical Inference

Module 3: Data Exploration and Preprocessing

  • Data Cleaning and Transformation
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Handling Missing Data

Module 4: Data Visualization

  • Principles of Effective Data Visualization
  • Tools like Tableau and Power BI
  • Dashboards and Interactive Reports

Module 5: Business Intelligence Concepts

  • Introduction to BI
  • Data Warehousing
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Processes

Module 6: Advanced Analytics Techniques

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Time Series Analysis

Module 7: Machine Learning for Business

  • Basics of Machine Learning
  • Regression and Classification Models
  • Model Evaluation and Interpretation

Module 8: Big Data and Business Analytics

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Hadoop and Spark for Analytics
  • Real-time Analytics

Module 9: Decision Support Systems

  • Overview of Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Business Analytics in Decision Making
  • Case Studies on Successful Implementations

Module 10: Data Ethics and Privacy

  • Ethical Considerations in Business Analytics
  • GDPR and Data Privacy Regulations
  • Best Practices for Ethical Analytics

Module 11: Industry Applications

  • Business Analytics in Finance
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics

Module 12: Capstone Project

  • Real-world Business Analytics Project
  • Applying Analytical Techniques to Solve Business Problems

Module 13: Tools and Software

  • Introduction to Analytics Software (e.g., R, Python, SAS)
  • Practical Exercises with Analytical Tools

Module 14: Career Development in Business Analytics

  • Job Roles in Analytics
  • Building a Career Path
  • Networking and Professional Development

Module 15: Emerging Trends in Business Analytics

  • Artificial Intelligence in Analytics
  • Blockchain and Analytics
  • Future Outlook and Industry Trends


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Business Analytics and Intelligence Course Fee and Duration in Jalandhar

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TrackRegular TrackWeekend TrackFast Track
Course Duration45 – 60 Days8 Weekends5 Days
Hours2 hours a day3 hours a day6+ hours a day
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom
1. What are the employment opportunities available for qualified professionals after completing Business Analytics and Intelligence Course in Jalandhar?
  1. Business Analyst
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Business Intelligence Analyst
  4. Data Scientist
  5. BI Developer
  6. Data Engineer
  7. Financial Analyst
  8. Market Research Analyst
  9. Operations Analyst
  10. Supply Chain Analyst
  11. Risk Analyst
  12. Consultant
  13. Healthcare Analyst
  14. Retail Analyst
  15. Project Manager (with Analytics Focus)
2. Which are some of the reputed companies that recruit professionals in Business Analytics and Intelligence?
  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Microsoft
  4. IBM
  5. Tableau (Salesforce)
  6. Facebook
  7. Netflix
  8. LinkedIn (Microsoft)
  9. McKinsey & Company
  10. Deloitte
  11. Accenture
  12. Capgemini
  13. Walmart
  14. American Express
  15. Procter & Gamble (P&G)
3. What is the qualification required for Business Analytics and Intelligence Course in Jalandhar? Whom does it benefit?

The qualification for a Business Analytics and Intelligence course typically includes a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as business, statistics, or computer science. Proficiency in data analysis tools, statistical knowledge, and strong analytical skills are essential. Some courses may also cater to professionals seeking to enhance their analytics skills.

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