Best PLC SCADA Industrial Automation Course Training in Jalandhar

PLC Scada Course Training in Jalandhar
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Course Content: PLC Scada Training in Jalandhar

Module 1: Introduction to Industrial Automation and PLCs

1.1 Overview of Industrial Automation

  • Historical context and evolution
  • Significance in modern manufacturing

1.2 Introduction to PLCs

  • Basic principles and functions
  • Advantages over conventional control systems

1.3 Applications of PLCs

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Robotics and machinery control

Module 2: PLC Hardware and Architecture

2.1 Components of a PLC System

  • Processor, memory, and I/O modules
  • Power supply and communication interfaces

2.2 PLC Input and Output Devices

  • Sensors and actuators
  • Types and characteristics

2.3 PLC System Architecture

  • Centralized vs. distributed control
  • Redundancy and fault tolerance

Module 3: PLC Programming Fundamentals

3.1 Introduction to Ladder Logic

  • Basics of ladder diagrams
  • Symbolic representation of logic elements

3.2 PLC Programming Languages

  • Overview of Instruction List (IL) and Structured Text (ST)
  • Selecting the appropriate language for different applications

3.3 Addressing and Data Handling

  • Input and output addressing
  • Data types, variables, and memory organization

Module 4: Advanced PLC Programming Techniques

4.1 Timer and Counter Instructions

  • Applications and programming examples
  • Cascading timers and counters

4.2 Arithmetic and Comparison Instructions

  • Mathematical operations in PLC programs
  • Conditional statements and comparisons

4.3 Data Manipulation and Memory Control

  • Shift and rotate instructions
  • Memory management and control instructions

Module 5: PLC Operation and Troubleshooting

5.1 PLC Operating Modes

  • Run, Stop, and Program modes
  • Monitoring and modifying programs online

5.2 Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

  • Common PLC issues and troubleshooting strategies
  • Use of debugging tools and techniques

Module 6: Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Integration

6.1 Introduction to HMI

  • Purpose and functionality in industrial automation
  • HMI design principles and best practices

6.2 Integrating HMI with PLC

  • Communication protocols (OPC, Modbus)
  • Designing interactive interfaces for real-time control

Module 7: PLC Networking and Communication

7.1 PLC Networking Basics

  • Fieldbus systems (Profibus, DeviceNet)
  • Ethernet/IP and industrial communication protocols

7.2 Remote Access and Monitoring

  • Secure remote access strategies
  • PLC data monitoring and analysis

Module 8: PLC Safety and Compliance

8.1 Safety Standards in Industrial Automation

  • Understanding safety requirements and regulations
  • Implementing safety features in PLC programs

8.2 Compliance and Documentation

  • Regulatory standards and certifications
  • Documentation best practices in industrial automation

Module 9: Real-World Applications and Case Studies

9.1 Case Studies in Industrial Automation

  • Analyzing real-world applications of PLCs
  • Learning from successful automation projects

Module 10: Final Project – Industrial Automation System Design

10.1 Project Definition and Scope – Defining the objectives and requirements

10.2 System Design and Programming – PLC programming and HMI interface design – Communication and networking setup

10.3 Implementation and Testing – Installation of components and system testing – Troubleshooting and optimization

This comprehensive PLC Industrial Automation course is designed for engineers, technicians, and automation enthusiasts. Participants will gain a deep understanding of PLCs, from basic principles to advanced programming, and acquire practical skills through hands-on projects and real-world applications.

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PLC Industrial Automation, SCADA and HMI Course Fee and Duration in Jalandhar

Enroll for Best PLC and SCADA Course Training in Jalandhar with 100% Placement Guarantee
TrackRegular TrackWeekend TrackFast Track
Course Duration45 – 60 Days8 Weekends5 Days
Hours2 hours a day3 hours a day6+ hours a day
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom
1. What are the employment opportunities available for qualified professionals after completing PLC SCADA Course in Jalandhar?
  1. Automation Engineer
  2. PLC Programmer
  3. SCADA Engineer
  4. Control System Engineer
  5. Instrumentation Engineer
  6. Electrical Design Engineer
  7. Automation Project Manager
  8. Process Control Engineer
  9. Robotics Engineer
  10. Industrial IT Specialist
2. Which are some of the reputed companies that recruit professionals in PLC Industrial Automation?
  1. Siemens
  2. Rockwell Automation
  3. Schneider Electric
  4. ABB
  5. Mitsubishi Electric
  6. Honeywell
  7. Emerson Electric
  8. Yokogawa Electric
  9. Delta Electronics
  10. Omron Corporation
3. What is the qualification required for PLC, Scada and HMI Course in Jalandhar? Whom does it benefit?

A diploma or degree in Electrical, Electronics, or related fields is preferred. Basic programming knowledge is advantageous.

Benefits: Beneficial for engineers, technicians, graduates, and entrepreneurs aiming to acquire specialized skills in industrial automation. Enhances career prospects, particularly in manufacturing, energy, and automation industries, and facilitates improved business efficiency for entrepreneurs.

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