Experts suggest that college essay writers narrow their focus and focus on their interests, quirks and strengths. While it’s certainly not necessary to write about major accomplishments, admissions officers frequently highlight memorable essays that focus on topics that are common to the student. This way, they will have more time to examine the essay and assess its quality.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, a prominent American writer with liberal and democratic views, is one of the most famous writers. Many of his short stories and essays focused on the advantages of living in a free and independent country. After the revolution in 1776, the moods of US authors shifted to a more positive outlook. They wrote about the benefits of economic growth and the need for freedom and justice for the oppressed.

Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf was a brilliant writer, but her life was a disaster. Her mental health was in decline from 1910 until 1915. She rewrote her novel Melymbrosia in 1913 under the title The Voyage Out. The novel’s protagonist, Rachel Vinrace, was inspired by her own experiences. She was raised in a quiet environment and only experienced sexuality and freedom on a trip to South America. She was to die in her marriage, after suffering from a terrible disease in the Amazon.

Virginia Woolf’s father, Leslie Stephen, visited the US during the Civil War, where he encountered a variety of American writers. One of them was James Russell Lowell, whom Woolf considered her godfather. He often visited her family and gave them gifts. The Lowells became close friends with the Stephen family, and Virginia Woolf wrote many of her best works while she lived in America.

Woolf had a surprisingly progressive view of sexuality in the human race. Woolf married an Jew and also incorporated stereotypes of archetypes in her writings. She found the Jewish laughter and voice offensive. Virginia Woolf often criticized Christianity, and saw it as self-serving and shallow. She also opposed fascism, patriarchal societies, and other forms of fascism.

Imagination is Woolf’s novel. It is set in a world that doesn’t allow privacy. The story’s inspiration comes largely from Woolf’s essay “American Fiction.” To understand the world, she read Lewis, Dreiser, and Sherwood Anderson.

Roger Ebert

One of the most acclaimed essayists in the US, Roger Ebert, was a film critic. Although he wasn’t a film student but he had broad tastes and a witty style. He was an accomplished writer and Pulitzer Prize winner. He wrote daily movie reviews and was the first to pioneer criticism of films on television.

Ebert began his career as a Green Reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times Sunday Magazine. His success with the newspaper led to his promotion to film critic, and he displayed an energised enthusiasm for film writing. He reviewed the French film Galia in his first day. This helped shape his opinion about the French “New Wave” of films.

Ebert was an author who had an intimate relationship with his readers. He wrote autobiographical pieces as well as reviews of films. He even wrote online when he could not speak. He wrote with great sensitivity and confidence. In the last seven years of his life, Ebert faced cancer and imminent death. His writings were a reflection of the essence and the nuances of life.

Roger Ebert was the first movie critic to win the Pulitzer Prize. In the 1980s, his popularity increased due to his hit TV show, Siskel & Ebert. The initial name of the show essay writer tools was Sneak Previews. It was later sold to syndication and soon became a nationwide phenomenon. They were famous for their humorous views and received seven Emmy nominations during primetime in the 1990s.

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